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"Devon's Blue Suede Shoes"

"Slater Ray"


Slater Ray is the best dog! He is Willow's littermate. Andy and I were on a waitlist to get a female "pet" puppy. I did have an interest in showing, but life was too busy at the time to allow the option. Slater became available at the last minute, and we took him home. He was not a female, not show quality, and that was not a problem for us. A mottled blue heeler with one ear not up yet, and I was in love.
He was so cute and we were so happy to get a new puppy. The very next morning, we received the option to "trade" him for a show potential female that was coming back at no fault of her own. No way could I trade! I knew, I just could'nt. We went to see the female (which is now Willow) and well, the rest is history in the making. Never ever have I ever regretted keeping Slater and Willow. Slater is such a wonderful dog. He is neutered, and loves everyone, and everything. His most favorite thing is to play! He resembles a seal in the way he barks at times trying to get you to play with him. He will not let you stop. Typical ACD that loves playtime.

Australian Cattle Dog; blue heeler, "Slater Ray" at Tin Roof Australian Cattle Dogs
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